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Why our NY Foundling relationship is effective.

Founded in New York City by the Sisters of Charity on the belief that all children deserve to grow up in loving and stable environments, in 2019 the New York Foundling celebrated its 150th anniversary. Its history includes foster care and adoption, day care for pre-school children of working mothers, and even the medical procedure [Read more]

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Resources for Families During COVID-19

If you and your family are having difficulty coping with the new normal, you’re not alone. Here are a few resources we recommend for getting the support you need. Crisis Support During COVID-19 For immediate support in a crisis, live hotlines can be invaluable. Below are a few with volunteers ready to listen and connect [Read more]

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Making Pediatric Screening for Mental Health and Learning Disorders a Priority

About a year after the Healthy Brain Network got underway in Staten Island, the Staten Island Borough President’s office invited Healthy Brain Network team members to a meeting of the borough’s Performing Provider System organizations. Out of those meetings and discussions grew an effort called the Pediatric Screening Initiative. The goal of the initiative was [Read more]

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Protected: Family Sought “Fresh Eyes” on Behavior and Learning Abilities

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Winston Prep – Healthy Brain Network Collaboration

Bringing no-cost mental health evaluations to the community and innovation to the field of child and adolescent mental health and learning. During the Spring and Summer of 2017, Winston Prep School leadership and Child Mind Institute researchers embarked on a partnership. You can hear why we wanted to work together in the Winston Innovation Lab [Read more]

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Healthy Brain Network Family Gives Back

Jessica has always been concerned about her children’s mental and emotional health. She remembered her own feelings of anxiety and fear as a young girl, and she could see echoes of her own struggles in them. Her one daughter in particular seemed to have difficulty making friends and doing well in school. Jessica worked hard [Read more]

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Mom’s Intuition Led Family to Answers

I have severe dyslexia and was diagnosed with ADD as a child, so I was very tuned in to Gabriel’s schoolwork and behavior early on. But he was reading very early, so I was never concerned about him not being able to read. I did notice other things, though. We started him in a school [Read more]

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On the Job With Ana Restrepo Lachman

Ana Restrepo Lachman is a research assistant at the Manhattan office of the Healthy Brain Network. She’s one of the original crew that launched the flagship Staten Island office back in 2015, when she was hired as one of the project’s first MRI participant navigators. We sat down with her to learn more about what [Read more]

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Chat With Charissa Andreotti

We wanted to know what it means to be a lead clinician for the Healthy Brain Network, and what motivates someone to come to work here.  So, we sat down for a chat with Dr. Charissa Andreotti, a New York State licensed neuropsychologist and clinical manager for the study.   Healthy Brain Network: Could you [Read more]

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