YES!  We still are conducting evaluations!

And we need your help to better understand how children’s brains develop.

Our community-based research study is looking for the biological roots of childhood mental illness. Together, we can help millions of struggling kids. Families with children and adolescents ages 5-21 — with and without psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders — are eligible to receive a no-cost, comprehensive evaluation through the Healthy Brain Network.  See what Healthy Brain Network participation involves.

Not old enough for the Healthy Brain Network yet or looking for more than just an evaluation? Our efforts to understand how children’s brains develop go beyond the Healthy Brain Network. Check out our other ongoing studies.



Each participating family will receive:

  • A comprehensive mental health and learning assessment, including evaluations of physical activity, cognition and mental health symptoms — at no cost. View the assessment list or see how our evaluation compares to a Neuropsychological to get a sense for how comprehensive it is.
  • A consultation with a licensed clinician, including a discussion of the results of the mental health and learning assessment — at no cost.
  • Local referrals through the HBN Referral Network and treatment recommendations, when appropriate.
  • A feedback report detailing results that can be used to inform treatment and classroom instruction (504 plan/IEP).
  • Up to $125 compensation for their time.




If your family would like to join the study, the next step is to complete our online eligibility form to make sure the study is a good fit for your child. The form will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete. If you’re still not sure participation is a good fit for your family, get detailed answers to frequent questions.

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