YES!  Despite COVID-19, we still are conducting evaluations!

And we need your help to better understand how children’s brains develop.

Our community-based research is looking for the biological roots of childhood mental illness. Together, we can help millions of struggling kids. Families with children and adolescents ages 5-21 — with and without psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders — are eligible to receive a no-cost, comprehensive evaluation through the Healthy Brain Network.  See what participation involves.



Each participating family will receive:

  • A comprehensive mental health and learning assessment, including evaluations of physical activity, cognition and mental health symptoms — at no cost. View the assessment list or see how our evaluation compares to a Neuropsychological to get a sense for how comprehensive it is.
  • A consultation with a licensed clinician, including a discussion of the results of the mental health and learning assessment — at no cost.
  • Local referrals through the HBN Referral Network and treatment recommendations, when appropriate.
  • A feedback report detailing results that can be used to inform treatment and classroom instruction (504 plan/IEP).
  • Up to $150 compensation for their time.




If you’d like your family to join the study, the next step is to have a short (20 minute) call with a member of our team to make sure the study is a good fit for your child and to schedule your first appointment.  You can request your call today by filling out the sign-up form below or by calling 347.694.HELP (4357).  If you’re still not sure participation is a good fit for your family, get detailed answers to frequent questions.

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