If you know a child or adolescent who struggles with behavior, anxiety or academics… is bullied or teased, or does this to others…

Then you know a child who may benefit from a study-related mental health and learning evaluation with the Healthy Brain Network.

Connecting families with a no-cost learning and mental health evaluation…

is as easy as sharing study flyers with them or pointing them toward this website. Download flyers now and help connect children and their families to the tools they need to reach their full potential in school and in life.

IMPORTANT: right now, our entire team is focused on enrolling and evaluating the families on our waitlist. When we have helped those families get started, we will screen more families. Interested families may complete our short contact form now to be sent a link to the online eligibility form when we are ready to screen their family.

Want to know more about the program? Elsewhere on this site you can…

If you still have questions, please reach out to our partner line at 646-225-4390 to discuss the details of this initiative or learn more about other no-cost Child Mind Institute resources.

Organizations and professionals currently referring families include…

  • Schools – Teachers, Guidance Counselors, School Assessment Team Members, Principals
  • Medical or Clinical Practices – Pediatricians and Other Doctors or Medical Professionals
  • Medical or Mental Health Service organizations – Social workers, Psychologists, Therapists, Speech Therapists or Physical Therapists
  • Community Based Organizations – Youth Centers, Religious Centers, Education Centers, Advocacy Groups including Legal Rights Advocacy Groups, Foster Care Agencies
  • Parent or Development Oriented Websites and Social Media Groups
  • Mental Health or Learning Focused Websites and Social Media Groups
  • Education Focused Websites and Social Media Groups
  • Family Support Groups
  • Local Politicians

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