Who funds the Healthy Brain Network?

Funding for the Healthy Brain Network thus far has come from individual donors and private foundations who take the science of mental health and learning seriously. You can view a complete list of donors to the initiative on the Child Mind Institute website. Please continue reading to find out more about a few of the Healthy Brain Network donors and the passions that drive them to support our work.

Christine and Richard Mack

Christine and Richard Mack fund nutrition and fitness assessments

Christine and Richard Mack are founding Board members at the Child Mind Institute and deeply committed to ensuring that all children reach their full potential in school and in life.  They are also passionate about fitness and healthy living, maintaining active lifestyles for themselves and their three boys.  With the Christine and Richard Mack Fitness and Nutrition Initiative, the Macks seek to have a personally meaningful impact with their philanthropy by improving both the physical and mental well-being of children.

The Christine and Richard Mack Fitness and Nutrition Initiative will explore the correlation between physical health and mental health, illuminating biological and lifestyle variables and their connection to brain function. The Initiative funds the nutrition and fitness assessments and individual feedback sessions on lifestyle choices for all participating families in the Healthy Brain Network.

With this gift, Chris and Richard are changing the lives of children today and for generations to come.

Planet CB + Zenni

Planet CB + ZenniAs Black women who experienced systemic racism and bullying as kids, Coco & Breezy have made it their mission to support other Black children by working with the Child Mind Institute. A portion of proceeds from the Planet CB by Coco + Breezy x Zenni kids eyewear collection will help the Child Mind Institute’s Healthy Brain Network increase access to mental health services and resources for youth of Black communities.

“Mental health was usually an unspoken subject as there is a stigma in the Black community,” Coco and Breezy say. “With all of the trauma that the Black community has endured, mental health should be on the forefront of the conversation. It was important for us to partner with the Child Mind Institute to ensure that youth of Black communities have greater access than we had to mental health services and resources.”

To discover the impact of this research and how you can help support it, contact Sarah Burke, Director of Development at 646-625-4276.  

Other ways to get involved are to enroll your family to participate or refer families to the study.

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