Healthy Brain Network Family Stories

Many families considering participation in the Healthy Brain Network want to know what it’s like to participate in the study. One way to find out is to read or hear the stories of other families who have participated. Discovering what kinds of things led them to seek out an evaluation for their child and what having the Healthy Brain Network feedback report did for them may help you decide if the study is right for your family. Below are a few stories of Healthy Brain Network families told by parents.

If you prefer just to see benefits and details of participation, you can get those in the Participate area of the site.


Mom’s Intuition Led Family to Answers

Gabriel’s smile is electric. And he’s an honor-role student with a black belt. His mom, Dawn, couldn’t be more proud! But even though he’s always been a standout student, things were not always easy sailing for Gabriel.

When Gabriel started school, Dawn noticed that he never picked up a pencil. “By the fourth grade, you couldn’t read anything he wrote,” she says. Teachers would reassure her with, “Boys are like that sometimes…” or “He’s just going to be a doctor.”

But Dawn trusted her intuition — she saw that despite all of her best efforts at home over the years, Gabriel’s writing wasn’t improving. As he got older, she began to notice other little things too. She worried that even though he was doing well in school, he might be struggling. She wanted answers about what was going on and for Gabriel to have the needed coping skills to continue to be successful, so they came to the Healthy Brain Network to be evaluated.  Read Gabriel’s story.



Evaluation and Report Help Family Address Severe Tantrums

In December of 2019 when Trudy Tsiropinas brought her two daughters to the Healthy Brain Network for evaluation, their entire household was in turmoil because of her younger daughter’s severe temper tantrums and outbursts. But after getting evaluations for both girls and sharing their Healthy Brain Network reports at school and with other health care providers, they’ve seen a dramatic turnaround.  Learn what happened for the Tsiropinas family.




Family Consults Their Report Regularly for Support

Jenny adopted Nora when she was 18 months old. Although Nora was quick to form an attachment with Jenny, she struggled with behavioral issues. These continued as Nora entered school, and more challenges presented themselves. Jenny struggled to find activities for Nora since she either quit or was asked to leave everything she tried. Then they found the Healthy Brain Network.  Read Jenny and Nora’s story.






Family Didn’t Know Where to Turn

Jasmine seems like a typical 6-year-old. She loves to color. She loves to draw rainbows and hearts. She loves princesses. But Jasmine’s mom has always known she is different. She just couldn’t quite put her finger on how or why. A family vacation was a turning point for Jasmine and her mom. Jasmine simply could not tolerate the wind, putting her hands over her ears and screaming every time it blew. The experience frightened her mom, and she decided to do something about it. That’s when they came to the Healthy Brain network to be evaluated. Watch the video of Jasmine’s story.







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