The satisfaction survey tells a story about value

Participating families who complete our satisfaction survey consistently rank the overall study benefits somewhere between “above initial expectations” and “significantly above initial expectations.” On average, they report that the items they receive during participation are “valuable” to “very valuable”: 

  • mental health and learning evaluation (3.7 out of 4 points)
  • treatment recommendations (3.7 out of 4 points)
  • referrals (3.6 out of 4 points)
  • support in connecting with referrals (3.4 out of 4 points)

All of this results in families being very to extremely satisfied with their overall experience, their staff interactions, the information they receive about their child, and the guidance and support they receive about follow-up care and treatment. They also are very satisfied by the opportunity to contribute to science and potentially benefit others, and feel the study delivers a high value to their families in those respects too. Join the study and start making your contribution today.  Learn more about participation for my family.


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